Wed, 07 Jun 2023

If you want strength and luxury in your clothing style, Copenhagen bamboo is the best choice. The revolutionary clothing brand has so many unique benefits for the wearer. Moreover, as we all know that bamboo is an environmentally friendly and sustainable plant that grows very quickly and does not require any chemical or irrigation; however, it degrades quite fast, unlike oil-based substances. You don't have to use any pesticides to grow the bamboo plant. No doubt It is one of the fastest-growing plants and grows about 30 centimeters per day. Isn't that incredible growth? Also, you don't need to replant a bamboo plant as you can harvest it multiple times in a year.

Let us discuss some steps as to how the bamboo is converted into the bamboo fabric:

  • The long green bamboo shoots are cut into small pieces
  • The bamboo is then soaked in the emollient solution for some time
  • No doubt that the conversion of the bamboo plant into fabric requires a chemical process. The chemical involved during the process is bleaching, which includes caustic soda. However, this procedure is done in a closed circuit so that the environment is not harmed
  • The liquid used for the process is recycled while all the solvents are gathered together and eliminated to make the process environment-friendly.

If we talk about the drawbacks of converting bamboo plants into the bamboo fabric, then it is a disadvantage to the environment because the breaking down of the process surely needs chemicals. However, the other qualities of bamboo clothing don't even matter when it comes to this disadvantage. Furthermore, the research is still trying to find ways to lessen the harmful conversion into the bamboo fabric. Moreover, there are no chemicals left after the production of the clothes. Furthermore, most of the clothes that Copenhagen bamboo sells are OEKO-Tex Certified.

Considerate production

We deal with FSC-certified forests, and most collections come from there. The wildlife and the forest workers both remain safe during the process. has an FSC certificate too.

What makes bamboo clothing better?

The fabric extracted from bamboo plants is way more comfortable than other fabrics. Only the bamboo fabric wearer knows the importance of bamboo clothing. The reason why bamboo clothing is considered more comfortable is that it has an increased number of threads which ensures maximum comfort and luxury.

Why is bamboo considered the safest and environmentally friendly?

Since bamboo grows without any pesticides or irrigation system, the natural growing plant is truly beneficial because it doesn't require any fertilizer to grow. The best thing about the plant is that it doesn't need water to a great extent but still grows in exceptional quantities. Whether it is drought or flood, none can affect the plant's growth.


The soft cotton touch that every wear loves is what bamboo plants offer in terms of clothing. Moreover, it grows without any chemicals showing that it is an environmentally friendly plant. Besides, it goes through a chemical process for its conversion into clothing.

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