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Where to Purchase Best parking Equipment Products :

05 May 2022, 05:17 GMT+10

TGW Parking Equipment manufacturers include garage banking machines, ticket dispensers, barrier gate equipment, ticket checking reader, UHF reader and boom barriers, etc. We also offer electronic aids consisting of free computers, electronic counters, and access control read systems for the perfect organization in parking structures.

Shenzhen Tigerwong Technology Co.,Ltd is the leading access control solution provider for the vehicle intelligent parking system, and license plate recognition recognition system. It is also a best provider for the pedestrian access control turnstile and face recognition terminals

TGW Parking Equipment Products also Includes all types of loop detectors, coil loop, IC/ID card, Card issuer, Card reader, access control PCB board, LED controller, Safety kiosk, Payment station, QR code reader, & it is a paper printer and its paper.TGW provides the option for custom-built equipment or instruments to suit the requirements of a variety of parking sites System.

Ultrasonic Parking Sensor

The parking information can be together in a true period through the front-mounted ultrasonic parking space detector installed directly in the parking spaceline. When a vehicle is parked in its current parking area, the indicator light integrated with the front-mounted ultrasonic parking space detector changes from green to red. The space controller linked to the detector will put together the information of each consisting detector according to the polling method, and according to rules, the data will be pressed and encoded and then fed back to the central controller. The media controller completes the data processing & processed parking space data sent to each parking area guide screen of the parking lot to display the empty parking area important information to realise the work of guiding the vehicle into the empty parking area. The system transfers data to the computer at a time, and the computer stores the data on the database server. Users can search the real-time parking area information of the parking lot and the year, month, and day statistics of the parking lot through the computer mortal. This is the good thing about parking equipment.

Self Service Parking Payment Machine

Another self-service payment machine, known as a charge station or payment kiosk, is a functional terminal tool for automatic charges in the parking lot management system. The product integrates with various charge methods and then prints the receipt controller by the Android controller board. It offers convenient self-service through the data network access and the system program, and the system underpins bank savings and debit card charges, QR code charges, cash receipts, and coin change. Self-service charge machines can increase the flow of exported vehicles while also reducing the manual management costs of parking lots and upgrading the level of goods management if you are interested in parking equipment. I will recommend you to buy this one.

Ultrasonic Sensor Parking Space Indicator

The parking advice system is an indicator system that can guide the vehicle to enter the station parking space softly. Usually speaking, it shows the intelligent parking advice system that guides vehicles into empty parking areas in the parking lot. The detector noted the parking areas and referred to the empty parking space information on the display screen. Drivers can use this information to realize easy parking.

Boom Gate Barrier

The barrier boom, also shown to stop the car, is channel access and an exit management tool specially used for regulating motor vehicles on the road. It is now widely used to arrange the entry and exit of vehicles. Parking Adviser System (PGS) Parking Area Monitoring Ultrasonic Sensor Parking Area Indicator. It is also used for parking equipment.

Board Ticket Printing Machine

The parking lot ticket box perceives the overarching arrangement of vehicle entry and exit and the active and unchanged state of the vehicle by gathering and recording the vehicle entry and exit records and the location of the venue.

TGW-LIV0 Smart ALPR System Number License Plate Recollection Parking System

LPR and ANPR (License plate recollection) technology can take out and recognize vehicle license plates in motion from a complicated background & renowned vehicle license plate knowledge through license plate uprooting, picture preprocessing, and property uprooting, and license plate character recognition.

From where can you purchase the parking equipment:

There are many areas and websites from where you can buy the Parking equipment for your vehicles. It will save you from any dentures because the parking instrument attached to your smartphone will update you about your car. You can buy from these websites with 4 or 5 star ratings because of satisfying customer support.


Parking equipment is an instrument that helps the businessman. Here, you would get much knowledge about parking equipment from where you will purchase & how you will buy & the material of it.

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