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Everything you need to know about Texas Concealed Carry

07 May 2022, 07:17 GMT+10

Around 50 states in the US allow civilians to carry weapons. In some states, open carry is permitted, and in other states, concealed carry is allowed. But not every individual can carry a gun.

To do that, a license needs to be acquired. This is a prerequisite set by the US government to make it easy to maintain control while allowing people the freedom and security they want. However, one can only attain these licenses if they fit certain criteria. Moreover, the requirements for each state and type of weapon can be different. For instance, you can easily get Texas concealed carry after completing the License to Carry Texas Online Class. Keep reading to know more.

Previously concealed carry license to now license to carry

To avoid any confusion, let's understand the terminology used for the license. Recently the government legalized open carry weapons. This means that people can now keep open carry weapons along with concealed carry weapons. The license was previously called a concealed handgun license.

After the Texas legislative session of 2017, it is now called a license to carry. This is mainly because the license extends to open carry now as well as to concealed carry.

Roadmap to your license

You need to meet certain requirements to attain a license. For example, an individual must be at least 21 years of age and own a weapon lawfully. In addition to that, you also need to undergo a proper course. Previously it was only possible to undergo this course by taking classes online. However, now you can find these courses online by a simple search of License to Carry Texas Online Class.

However, the duration of these classes should be 4-6 hours long. This should exclude any breaks or examinations. In addition to this, a proficiency demonstration for shooting is also required. This is required to access the skills of each individual.

Benefits of online learning for a license to carry

Online learning offers many benefits over traditional in-classroom learning.

Let's have a look at some of the benefits online learning offers.

#1: Progress at your own pace

An online license course of carrying consists of several videos covering each topic. Each video is a sub-topic that Not everyone can learn everything at the same speed as others. Some people take their time to understand the process. You don't have to sit and go through the whole 4 hours course all at once.

Instead, you can adopt your own pace and cover the course progressively. For example, you may pause the video at a certain point, come back, and resume where you left off.

This control over your learning pace can massively help you get a complete grasp of the topic.

#2: Flexibility to learn from anywhere

Location limits us from learning a lot of things. Moreover, sometimes it's hard for people to cover long distances to attend classes for a course. People often complain about how a classroom massively reduces the flexibility of learning.

With an online license to carry courses, you can learn from anywhere. This will eliminate your commute and save you time and money. The flexibility to learn also offers people the opportunity to incorporate learning into their schedules smoothly as opposed to in-classroom learning which is relatively much harder to blend into your routine.

#3: Learn updated information from the best

Online courses are designed and taught by qualified professionals. To uphold their reputation, online learning platforms hire the best individuals. These are recognized experts who have been in this field for a long time.

The content these courses offer is the latest and approved by the relevant authorities. They make sure to include and teach their audience and provide them with the latest material. Their expertise, coupled with flexible and up to part content, can help guide you quickly.

#4: Combine your learning with private proficiency demonstration

In addition to the online course, you'll also need to demonstrate your proficiency. To do this, you shall need to contact a local instructor.

They will guide you and help develop your skills so that you can get your license.

#5: Online platforms offer round-the-clock support

While it may be true that your interaction would be less than in a classroom, your issues will still be entertained. Most online platforms provide support in case you have any problems. You may contact them by email or a relevant medium.

Is proficiency demonstration necessary?

Regardless of whether you opt for an online or in-person course, proficiency demonstration is mandatory. In case you're taking the classroom course, your class will be followed by the demonstration.

If you choose an online course, you shall have to go for this separately. After this, your LTC-101 shall be completed. LTC-101 is your certificate of completion.


The medium of the internet has made it easy to learn courses online. The authorities and online platforms are making good use of this. You can conveniently learn online and take a step towards obtaining your license. Visit today to get your Texas concealed carry and open carry license.

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