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8 Most Common Types of Personal Injury

19 May 2022, 04:02 GMT+10

Personal injuries are one of the most common reasons why people go to court. "Approximately 31 million people suffer an injury each year in the US," according to The Barnes Firm New York, personal injury experts from New York.

In the majority of these cases, you should consult with a legal team to establish culpability. First off, you need to determine who is responsible, how you can classify the injury, and whether or not you should demand compensation for it.

Understanding personal injuries

Often, it is really hard to get back to your daily routine after suffering a devastating injury. Approximately 2 million injuries require some sort of hospitalization and paying medical bills. Even worse, there are 162.000 deadly accidents each year.

While you can't do anything to turn back the clock, you can at least get some sort of compensation for the stress and all the long-term consequences that you've suffered due to this accident. In fact, the whole personal injury law is based on determining the events that led to this misfortunate situation.

If a person, corporation, company, or a public agency was culpable for this accident, you might have the case to ask for compensation that would at least help you recuperate some of the costs. In case of more extensive injuries, you can get compensation for the missed work or future work that you will miss.

The most important thing with personal injuries is to ask for medical assistance as soon as you notice that something's wrong. Small problems can quickly deteriorate, leading to a long-standing issue that might alter your life.

Without any further ado, here are the 8 most common personal injuries that people suffer in the US:

1. Injuries due to slipping

When talking about slipping accidents, the majority of people think about bathtubs. The truth is, you can suffer such an injury just about anywhere. For example, you can fall due to a wet floor in a mall or ice that formed in front of your office.

2. Injuries caused by negligence

Injuries due to negligence can pertain to all sorts of things. For example, it can refer to a mechanical injury in a power plant or other accidents within production facilities. In such cases, a civil suit is more than warranted, especially if you suffered extensive damage. This is a great way to cover your medical bills but also receive compensation in case of a permanent injury.

3. Car accidents

Unfortunately, traffic accidents are among the most common causes of personal injuries. These ones can be devastating, often leading to lethal outcomes. Each state has laws that require drivers to have liability insurance. These documents are the best way to protect yourself from potential harm that you might encounter when driving or participating in traffic in some other manner.

4. Drug-related injuries

Companies sell all sorts of drugs nowadays. Some of them don't have the necessary FDA clearance. A business might still sell you a harmful drug, even if they're aware of the fact that it doesn't meet the appropriate safety standards. As a result, such type of accident can lead to a class-action lawsuit against the manufacturer.

5. Injuries due to a person's intentional behavior

Of course, if an injury was caused intentionally, the best way to handle the situation is to sue the culprit. Even if they didn't mean to harm you personally, the fact remains they were aware that such an action could lead to damage. For example, if a person throws a rock at a stray dog and it hits you, this is still a good enough reason to open a case.

6. Injuries caused by dogs

Speaking of dogs, dog bite accidents are very common in the US. If a person's dog bit you, you can ask for injury compensation and medical bill coverage.

7. Accidents caused by dangerous working conditions

It is very important for companies to uphold certain workplace standards. This pertains to both public and private entities. The requirements can be very strict depending on the type of business that a company is performing.

8. Damage caused by a faulty product

Each product sold on the open market has to fulfill certain safety standards. Furthermore, the company should print a warning on the product itself or might have to provide a manual. Keep in mind that a user is not culpable as long as they've used the product correctly. Even if they made a mistake when utilizing it, the manufacturer can still be guilty if they haven't provided the proper guidelines.

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