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Famous billionaire Robert Kardashian has made Jan Ashley a household name thanks to their marriage. Her epic showdown with Robert boosts her profile. After dating for a month, they decided to call it quits. Concerning Robert's own family, she made a bold proclamation.

Jan revealed that Khloe Kardashian is not always her biological kid with Robert. Jan entered the world in 1949, having been born in the USA. She's 73 years old right now (As of 2022).

Who's Jan Ashley?

Jan Ashley may look like any other woman but has a fierce fighting spirit. She has shot to fame with her fantastic feud with the famous Kardashian family.

Robert Kardashian Second's wife's name is Jan.

Hebrew for 'God is generous' or 'gift from God,' and her name carries that meaning. Jan Ashley is the less-heralded wife of the late Robert Kardashian Sr., a successful lawyer, and businessman. She and Robert were only married for a month before they divorced.

Jan was formerly the widow of actor, manufacturer, and performer John Ashley before marrying Robert.

John, being sixty-two years old, passed away from a heart attack.

Jan is well known for her bold claims about the Kardashian family. Khloe Kardashian is not her biological daughter, which has been on record for quite some time.

Due to the controversy caused by her comments, Khloe and her family lashed out at her all over Twitter. Even though Jan's popularity skyrocketed after commenting, she quickly went off the rails after the scandal became public knowledge.

According to observers, her controversial actions have been attributed, at least in part, to her intense hatred toward her own family.

Do you have to remember what Jan Ashley did to rock the Kardashians' world? Bear with us. You can trust us to fill you in on all the exciting information you need to know about Jan Ashley.

Early life

Jan Ashley was born in the United States of America in 1949. Today, Jan Ashley has reached the ripe old age of 73.

You can tell her ethnicity by the fact that she is white.

Regarding her education, Jan is an enlightened female, but we have no data on her formal schooling.

Jan is a blonde with blue eyes.

Despite being in relationships with two well-known people, Jan preferred to remain in the background. It's for this reason that she rarely appears in public.

The breakup of her relationship with Robert Kardashian caused her to vanish from public view. However, she reappeared in 2012, during the Khloe Kardashian scandal.

Family tree of Jan Ashley

Unfortunately, our records don't contain much information about Jan's family. If we learn anything from our assets, we will replace them. Don't forget to check back regularly for the most recent information.


John Ashley (ex-husband)

Jan was married to actor, producer, and singer John Ashley before she met the Kardashians.

John entered this world on December 25, 1934, in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. In 1957, he began working in the film industry.

She was the late actor's third wife; however, they had no children.

John Ashley, Jan's late husband, spent his last days with her, while his first and second wives, Deborah Walley and Nancy Moore, also enjoyed their time with him.

John Ashley, who has since passed away, was an actor who worked for American international images. He also acted in and produced numerous Filipino horror films.

John didn't just display his talents in performance and filmmaking; he also demonstrated his ability to write and produce music. Some of his most beautiful works include: 'critically in Love' (1958), 'let the coolest times Roll' (1958), 'Born to Rock' (1958), 'The Hangman' (1959), and 'Little Lou' (1961).

John Ashley, who had just turned 62 when he passed away from a heart attack in New York, passed away at that age.

He had just finished filming 'Scar metropolis' and was driving away when the unfortunate accident occurred. He passed away in his car in the studio's parking lot.

Robert Kardashian Sr. (ex-husband)

The elder Robert Kardashian pursued a career in law and business. He eventually went on to start the business publication Radio & data.

Robert founded a company called 'movie song,' where he eventually served as CEO and president. Additionally, he put money into a frozen yogurt business.

In 1998, as Jan was selling her house, she met Robert. After seeing her picture, Robert reached out to the actor friends of her late husband to set up an introduction.

After about seven months of dating, Robert Kardashian Sr. and Jan wed in Vail, Colorado. The marriage lasted only 30 days when they decided to call it off on November 25, 1998.

Now she's 49.

According to a court document revealed by Robert Kardashian Sr., he and Jan Ashley got a divorce because he did not want to have children with her. Before marrying Jan Ashley, Robert was married to Kris Kardashian, with whom he had four children (Kris Jenner).

It's been fifteen years since Robert and Kris first got together. They raised a brood of four children together. 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' is consistently entertaining.

Given all of this, it's no surprise that Jan holds Kris and Robert's children responsible for the demise of her marriage. Robert's mental health was failing, and Kris and the kids were to blame.

Robert Kardashian Sr. married Ellen Pierson in 2003, after his divorce from Jan.

When Ellen and Jan discovered that Robert was seeing Khloe Kardashian, they stirred up a storm.

Jan Ashley's Offspring

Ashley Jan does not have any children. Since she did not already have any children, it is reasonable to assume that she married Robert to start a family with him.

However, one of the primary reasons for their annulment was their subsequent decision to forego parenthood.


This started when Jan Ashley admitted that Khloe Kardashian is not Robert Kardashian Srbiological .'s daughter.

She highlighted that Khloe stood apart from the rest of the Kardashian children with her distinctive features, hair, and skin tone.

Ellen, Robert's third and final wife, made headlines years after his death when she claimed that Khloe Kardashian isn't their legitimate daughter.

It wasn't until 2012 that Jan Ashley backed Ellen's story.

Consistent with Jan, Robert explained what the game was called to her after they were all together. Additionally, Robert doubts his relationship with Khloe because of Kris's extramarital activities.

Robert Kardashian Sr., in his divorce papers, denied Jan's assertions that he only had one child, Rob, and instead claimed to have four children: Kourtney, Kimberly, Khloe, and Rob.

Jan continued by saying that Robert's love for Khloe would never let him accept that she was no longer biologically related to him.

On the other hand, the Kardashian family has confirmed her status as a faithful bloodline member of that clan.

Khloe took out her frustrations on Jan and anybody else who dared to question her identity on Twitter in the wake of the scandal. Also, she was angry that Jan had the nerve to use her dad's number.

No matter what Jan said, his accusations would not be able to break up the close-knit Kardashian family.

This has happened more than once to Khloe, who has been the target of these rumors.

Khloe doesn't look like her sisters at all. That's why they keep questioning whether or not he's her biological father.

Many have wondered if Khloe Simpson is, in fact, the daughter of the infamous ex-athlete O.J. Simpson.

However, in the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloe appears to confirm these allegations. Despite the claims' potential to rattle them for a while, they ended up being more critical than ever.

The Kardashians are a family that, according to scandals and speculations, is rarely understood by the general public.

The net well-worth of Jan Ashley

When Jan Ashley suddenly vanished from public view, she left behind a net worth of about $22 million. Because of the death of her husband, the actor John Ashley, she inherited a sizable fortune.

It is estimated that her online worth is more than $5 million.

When John passed away, he left behind an estimated net worth of $70 million.

Social media

People probably anticipate that Jan Ashley will have a presence on Instagram and other social media handles, given the prevalence of such platforms.

However, she doesn't appear to be familiar with the world of social media in the twenty-first century. Individuals hoping to track her down on social media may be left feeling let down.


Jan vanished entirely after she caused havoc in the Kardashian household. Nonetheless, we shall assume that, despite her obscurity, she is at this very moment in a location of great joy at this very moment.

From what we can gather, Jan had already amassed a million dollars by the time her marriage to Robert had collapsed. John Ashley, her late husband, and a famous actor left her a vast fortune.

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