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How to select a good stock broker for Investment?

12 Dec 2022, 01:54 GMT+10

Stock trading has increased as many opt for it to earn a secondary income. However, choosing the right stock broker is important to make profitable investments because only then will you be able to reach your financial goals.

So read ahead to understand the important facts that can be used as a parameter to choose the best stockbroker in India.

Who is a Stock Broker?

A broker is a professional trader, a financial advisor, and an institution that provides complete trading services and products. They will understand the client's financial goals and, based on that, suggest the right trading route.

Type of Stock Broker

There are many stock brokers in India, each of which has its own set of products and services. And every stock broker is distinguished between Full-service and Discount Brokers. To know more about the Top 10 Stock brokers in India, you should read this article in full.

The functionality of both brokerages is different.

Full Services brokers

As the name suggests, the brokers under this plan provide a holistic solution. They will help with financial advisory, trading tips, and shares trading. In this type, the brokerage varies between 0.30% and 0.50%. The amount is determined by the volume of transactions and can vary from client to client.

Discount Brokers

Discount brokers are limited to providing trading services. They do not guide the clients with trading advice and research materials. These service providers are more suitable for independent and proactive clients in learning about trading. For their services, on average, they charge a flat Rs.20 per transaction.

Parameters to select a good stock broker

Before blindly choosing the most famous stockbroker in the industry, it is always best to conduct your research first. If you are looking for parameters on which the stockbrokers can be judged, keep reading ahead.

Technical Expertise

Today, most of the trading happens online. Thus, having technological expertise will only add benefit to the clients. A stockbroking firm with a strong technical team will also ensure that the trading platforms are up-to-date and work smoothly without any glitches.

Trading platforms offered

Another one of the most important factors to consider is how user-friendly the trading portal is and what is its latency rate. Moreover, it should be supported on Android, iOS, and desktops. Since you will spend much time on the application, it is crucial that the app has all the necessary features and is technologically updated.

Brokerage and other charges

The brokerage depends on the type of stockbroker- A full-service or discount broker. As discussed above, since full-service brokers provide a whole set of services, their service charge is higher than that of discount brokers.

Brand Reputation

This is one of the first steps you should take before investing with any stock broker platform. The reputation and customer reviews will reveal a lot about their customer service. Learning from existing customers' experiences is the best way to decide whether the stockbroker is suitable.

Products and advisory tips

The stockbroker should also support multiple products and services. They should deal in different financial instruments and provide research and advice on how to trade in them. This will be helpful for the new stock traders.

List of top Indian Stockbrokers

Check below -


Zerodha is known to be a debt-free company. It has approximately 57.43 lakh active users and provides short-term and long-term trading services.

They also charge a full brokerage of only Rs.20 on each transaction or 0.03% (Whichever is lower). For a detailed Zerodha Review, you can check this website top10stockbroker.com.


Upstox has been an emerging name in the market for the past few years. It has some of the best features for trading options, futures, and day trading.

They are also completely regulated by SEBI and registered with India's top stock exchanges.

Angel One

Angel One is the third on the list, but it might be 1st when it comes to experience. It was incorporated in 1987 and thus had more than 3-decade experience.

And with experience comes technical expertise. Thus, a new trader can easily trust the broker to handle their financial investments.


The information provided will be helpful to the reader as you begin your trading journey. Stockbrokers are the biggest partner in this journey, so make sure they are chosen after a rigorous evaluation and analysis.

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