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Everything you Wanted to know about UV Lamps

12 Dec 2022, 20:39 GMT+10

The ultraviolet lamp (UV) can be installed in the ductwork near the evaporator coil of your existing HVAC system. This kills bacteria, mold, and mildew from spreading throughout your home.

What is a UV Lamp?

The UV lamp creates UV light artificially, which can be used for various purposes, such as sterilization and purification. Depending on the size and shape of the lamp, UV lights can detect counterfeit money, inspect artwork, or check your re-entry stamp at a concert.

UV lamps are typically made of quartz rather than glass, which makes them different from regular lamps. A mixture of inert gas and mercury is contained inside. UV light is produced when electricity reacts with the mercury in the lamp. Depending on the lamp's pressure, UV light emits different types. There are UV lamps that produce UV-C wavelengths that do not kill germs.

How Can UV Lamps Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Air conditioners and air purifiers in your home are prone to building up harmful bacteria and mold on their coils. If these coils aren't appropriately cleaned, your home becomes infested with airborne contaminants. People with respiratory problems may experience an aggravation of allergies. Indoor air quality can be improved by sterilizing the coils on your HVAC equipment with a UV lamp.

What is the process of installing a UV lamp?

UV lamps in HVAC equipment are often "stick type" lamps that can be installed inside the equipment. And connected to the same electricity source as the HVAC unit.

The UV lamp should be installed where it will have the most significant impact on your unit. It means placing the unit's coils where ultraviolet light will shine directly on them. It is still possible for contaminants to grow on parts of your HVAC unit that are not directly exposed to UV light.

UV lamps can be retrofitted into HVAC units that were not manufactured with UV lamps. A professional HVAC technician can install your HVAC equipment with a UV lamp.

Is UV lamp maintenance necessary?

UV lamps are less effective at killing germs the longer they are used. It is recommended that UV lamps be replaced every year in HVAC equipment. You can replace the UV lamp bulb as part of your HVAC equipment's annual maintenance.

Your Harleysville home can benefit from improved indoor air quality by using a UV lamp. Air cleaning units and UV lamps are available from New Age Air to help improve indoor air quality. To discuss your indoor air quality needs with a New Age Air representative, call 610-298-0271.

Is UV light disinfection effective against COVID-19?

There is a track record of UVC being very effective against SARS-CoV-1 and MERS, which are close relatives to SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19. UVC light is effective against SARS-CoV-2. Several studies, including those cited by the FDA, have yet to be extensively peer-reviewed. According to the FDA, limited research has been conducted on the duration of UVC radiation needed to inactivate SARS-CoV-2. In other words, further research is needed before UVC light can be recommended as a reliable method for killing Coronaviruses.

Even so, UV lamps are widely used in the healthcare sector, for example, for sterilization purposes. Why is this the case? According to research, UVC rays can reduce the transmission of significant superbugs (such as staph) by 30 percent.

Are UV light disinfection products worth buying?

As a result of considerable research, we have found that most UV light disinfection devices do not kill germs effectively as they claim. "In our test, most of them failed to kill 99.9 percent of germs. They were underpowered and poorly designed." (Related: 12 Places Germs Love to Grow That You Should Clean)

The devices emit UVC, but Barty says they need to emit more to be effective in the claimed amount of time. When effectively killing COVID-19, both of these measurements remain to be determined. According to the FDA, UV light must be shining for a specific time and at a specific wavelength to effectively kill germs.

Where Can We Buy the UV Lamps:

Darkless LED is the premier light bulb supplier in the industry. They have a wide range of LED products, including UV Lamps. Using proprietary UV technology, they produce UV lamps for virtually any application.

Their UV germicidal low-pressure, medium-pressure, and high-pressure ultra-violet lamps are energy-efficient and long-lasting. Don't hesitate to contact Darkless LED Support to find out how UV lamps can provide a solution for your application. In addition to offering high-quality UV lamps and components. They also customize the best solutions for each of our partners.

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