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Real Estate Market Updates!

22 Dec 2022, 11:44 GMT+10

The U.S. real estate market condition is facing significant shit. Though housing conditions remain in the state increasing, there's still a chance of a market crash anytime. In fact, the median sale price in the United States of America increased by 7.5% as of September 2022. But the number of homes sold dropped by more than 21%.

Due to the recession situation that's taking place all around the globe, the real estate housing market will be affected the most. Where sellers are looking to sell their house for reasonable prices, buyers, on the other hand, are looking for property in desirable properties but at affordable or cheap costs. Well, that's not it. Let's deeply study the real estate housing market in the United States of America and see what potential the future holds.

What Is The Real Estate Housing Market?

A real estate housing market, or real estate market, refers to a network of buyers and sellers looking to buy or sell real estate. At the same time, a real estate website is where buyers and sellers meet to carry out the transaction further and close the deal.

Everyday Housing Market Terms

Median Home Prices

The median home price is the median sale price of all homes over a specific period, from highest to lowest in terms of market value. Speaking of the current median home prices condition in the United States of America, the property rates were up by 7.5% compared to the covid period, when the market slowed down.


The total number of unsold residential and commercial real estate units is referred to as inventory. Inventory also relates to homes yet to be sold or homes for sale. As per an expert report, the supply of homes is still historically low in the U.S., and the existing house inventory that had not yet sold in September 2022 stayed in the market for more than three months.

Homes Sold

Homes sold are the total number of homes sold throughout the period in any state, country, or city. As said, the home selling flow has come down in the United States of America for a few months now. As per Redfin's data, in 2022, the total number of homes sold was at an all-time low, down to less than 21% from the previous year. Well, it really couldn't be said at his time what the situation would be for home sales.

Median Days on the Market

The average number of days a property is on the market in a given area over a given time frame is the median days on the market. In the current scenario, the median days on the market increased by more than 12 days year over year to 30+ days.

Mortgage Interest Rates

Mortgage interest rates are quite a specific term as lenders assess the interest rates. Based on the mortgage lender, it may be fixed or variable. The 30-year fixed rate mortgage's average national rate is now 6.9%, a 3.8-point increase from 2021.

Mortgage Application Rates

A comparison of the number of mortgage applications received over the preceding year is understood as the mortgage application rates in the United States of America. Only a property buyer can file a mortgage application to a lender. For the past year now, mortgage applications have decreased by 40%.


Foreclosure is an issue that many homeowners fear. Since it's a concerning topic, we will also help you know how to stop foreclosure at the last minute. What is foreclosure? The term is applicable when a homeowner doesn't pay their mortgage, the government seizes ownership of the home and declares foreclosure. 21,869 U.S. properties began foreclosure in the current year, up 113 percent from a year earlier but down 9% from the previous month.

How to stop foreclosure at the last minute?

Undoubtedly, the foreclosure of a homeowner's property is one of the most upsetting occurrences. This made us acknowledge the need for your homeowners to know how you could stop foreclosure at the last minute. But what are other factors that contribute to foreclosure other than overdue payment? Many detrimental effects are associated with the entire foreclosure situation, some of which may also impact credit.

Ways to stop foreclosure at the last minute

You can stop foreclosures. Yes, you got it right. Foreclosures can be stopped a day before the auction day. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the way to stop foreclosure. Below listed are a few ways to stop a foreclosure at the last minute:

  • Negotiate with lenders
  • Waive some payments
  • Sell your home
  • Bankruptcy
  • Add missed payments to your loan
  • Sell short

The mentioned points were about how to stop foreclosure at the last minute in the United States of America.

Market Influences On The United States Of Housing Market

Since several factors influence real estate housing market prices, they can be broadly divided into four key categories. Following are the key categories,

Mortgage rate

Interest rates significantly impact the present housing market. These rates, at record highs in more than 20 years by 7.08%, have pushed many purchasers out of the market. Home prices and interest rates are inversely related. Mortgage costs also drop when interest rates do, which boosts real estate demand and drives home prices.


The economy is a primary factor that affects every sector. Low GDP, employment ratios, manufacturing activity, product prices, and other economic indicators are just a few examples contributing to the economy. The message directed here is that buyers are losing the money to invest in property due to the low economy.


Based on factors including age, ethnicity, gender, income, migration trends, and growth, demographics describe how the population is made up. It makes it simple to identify the popular real estate property types. Significant demographic shifts can have a long-term effect on current housing market trends.

Government Policies

Economics and government policies go hand in hand. Tax deductions, subsidiaries, and credits may impact the demand for real estate. Knowing the government's policies can help you forecast supply and demand in the real estate market and spot potentially false news.

Reasons Why the Housing Market is Unlikely to Crash

Low Inventory

There is still a need for more available inventory; many buyers are compelled to bid up prices. Additionally, the supply-demand curve suggests that prices won't immediately crash.

Insufficient supply of new housing

The availability of newly built homes has yet to reach pre-2010 levels. Additionally, the constructors need help to purchase land, obtain regulatory approval, and rapidly increase the supply.

Several New Buyers

Homes are in high demand among all types of people. The people investing plenty in this are the Hispanic individuals, and the rising millennials are at the height of their purchasing power.

Strict Lending Standards

There were numerous instances of liar loans back in 2007. Lenders used to give mortgages to anyone in the past without requiring a down payment or doing a credit check. Lenders now have high requirements for borrowers, and most of those who obtain mortgages have excellent credit.

Drop in Foreclosures

Most homeowners have a sizable amount of equity in their homes. Homeowners' balance sheets are significantly healthier now than they were 14+ years ago, which is a glaring distinction. Hence, There is no risk of a foreclosure crisis, and things remain the same.

Final Words

As you are now well versed in the real estate housing market condition, you could decide to buy or sell a home in the United States of America. However, if you're a seller, the market is relatively stable for you to give you good returns on your sales. For buyers, the situation remains unstable, so we recommend you wait a little more now.


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