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The medical industry requires translation services more than ever now. Medical products, devices, and equipment have to go all over the world, therefore accurate translation is evident for the right use. Similarly, translation services and their need can come up at any time in the biotech industries too during the making of biotech products. The process of products starts with research and development and requires clinical trial as the next step. Companies need content for regulatory submission, and then it is sent for manufacturing, sales, and marketing. Thus biotechnology translation services are crucial to go through the details and make the most of it.

Research and development

Taking medical products to a foreign land is not an easy task. It requires a lot of effort. It asks for the apprehension of necessary and relevant documents and text in a foreign language. This is crucial to go through these documents such as:

  • Patents
  • Reports
  • Scientific publications, and papers.

In order to sail through this basic step during the internationalization of medical products and research related to biotech, translation is a must. However, the translation vendor should provide experienced translators. Moreover, translators should have a sound background in the relevant field and should know how to address common challenges. Industry experience could be an additional point, however, it is not mandatory.

Clinical trial

Once the scientists and experts work on their research and development, the next step leads to clinical trials. The translation here plays a vital role again and clinical trial translation services help the relevant people and team involved to convey their research to foreign lands. Also, people who participate in it also can clear their doubts with the help of translational content.

  • Clinical trials often take place in different countries and hence translation solution is inevitable to know the accurate results.
  • Documents include case reports, forms, and the patients' consent documents which require translation into multiple languages, particularly in the region where the process is being carried out.
  • The process may also ask for full linguistic validation. It may further include working with a translation company that is reliable and competent and has proven experience in the field.

Therefore, for certified clinical trial translation services companies have to ensure that they hire a local translation company that has native speakers as translators who are well-versed in cultural factors too.

Regulatory submissions

Regulatory submissions come next in the life cycle of the product. All the biotech companies who want to launch new medical products and get them approved in the global markets have to come up with dossiers, labeling, and sheets of adverse effects and events translated into the local language. The regulatory authorities and their requirements may differ with the region. In addition to the European Union and Japan, other countries such as Brazil, Russia, India, and China have also become important hubs for clinical trials and hence require regulatory submission for that matter. Thus professional clinical trial translation services and biotechnical translation should be there in the required languages which are spoken in the above-mentioned countries.

  • It is important to note that working on dossiers, labeling, and other content is not as simple as it seems. It requires translators who are not only proficient in both languages but also have knowledge of the dossier format in the relevant country. They should also be aware of the terminology requirements.
  • The content should be prepared by local translators and it should be sent for review to the linguists and relevant people who can evaluate these for final submission. Thus, translation and review are a must before submitting a final draft.


Biotech companies that require designing and manufacturing of products overseas have to hire the best biotechnology translation services. Translation of health and safety manuals as well as SOPs into the local language is a must, particularly where facilities are located.

  • All these translated content including manuals, health, and safety content have to conform to the local regulations and labor laws, customers and not to forget cultural sensitivities.
  • The process of manufacturing requires input from the relevant people in the best way possible. In this phase, things are going to shape up for the better.

Sales and marketing

Professional biotechnology translation services help with the smooth and effective market of biotech products internationally. However, companies should consider that they need to think locally and also need input from local people. They have to study the audience, their market norms, and the sales pitches which go well with the relevant audience.

The content should be translated and localized considering the cultural sensitivities and local health concerns. The type of content may include:

  • Websites
  • Brochures
  • Handouts
  • Labels and packaging

These should be translated with consideration of local dialects too which may differ within the same country. Also, a few languages have different variants overseas such as French is different in France and Canadian French has its own variations. Similarly, Portuguese which is spoken in Portugal is a lot different from the European variant of the language.

Therefore, medical translation services have their own sensitivities and the requirements should be sorted out in the whole process vigilantly so that the whole effort doesn't go down the drain wasting time and resources. Certified clinical trial translation services are evident to conduct and carry out a successful campaign of clinical trials overseas.

Final words

A medical product is developed after going through multiple phases. Biotech companies have to put their efforts starting from the R&D and it ends with sales and marketing. Translation services are vital for all these processes and play a crucial role in the whole life cycle. As most of the time, clinical trials are conducted overseas and the participants have to be clear on particular aspects before giving their final consent and translation helps them make their decision.


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