Sun, 29 Jan 2023

LEDs are swiftly replacing all the traditional lighting solutions from the commercial as well as domestic sectors. This lighting solution is not gaining popularity all over the world for no reason. You might already know that LEDs are energy efficient lighting solution but that's not the only good thing about LEDs.

Let us have a brief discussion about the advantages of LEDs when compared to traditional lighting solutions.

The Longer Lifespan

One of the most important things that make LEDs the most desirable lighting solution is their longer lifespan. LED light bulb, LED tube lights, or any other LED lighting fixtures lasts much longer than their traditional counterparts. Numerically speaking, the average LED has average operating hours of 50 thousand to 1 lakh or even more. This operating hour is 2.4 times longer than most fluorescent metal halide and whopping 40 times longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs.

So, with LEDs, you don't have to worry about changing the lighting fixture frequently. Once you install an LED lighting fixture, you can stay relaxed for years at a stretch.

The Energy Efficiency

It is a widely known fact that LEDs are much more energy efficient than any other traditional lighting solution including fluorescent lights, CFL, incandescent lights, halide lights, high-pressure sodium lights, and low-pressure sodium lights, etc. An average estimate tells that LEDs are 60-75% more energy efficient. Depending on your earlier lighting solution and the LED you choose you can also save up to 90% energy.

So, installing LEDs in your home or office means lower electricity charges. Every month you will be saving bucks on your energy bill with LEDs.

The Environmental Safety

The energy efficiency of LED lights not only saves your money on energy bills but also reduces carbon footprints. They are not hazardous to the environment unlike their traditional counterparts like fluorescent or mercury vapor lights. The production, use, and disposal of LEDs leave very fewer carbon footprints.

By using LED lights you can have the good feeling of being environment friendly. You will be leaving this earth greener and safer for future generations.

The Cold Temperature Efficiency

We talk very less about LED lights' cold temperature efficiency. Traditional lighting sources like fluorescent lights need higher voltage to start in a cold temperature and their light gets diminished too. On the other hand, LEDs have no issues with cold or even freezing temperatures. This is the reason they are so frequently used in freezers, meat lockers, cold storage, street lamps, etc.

If you are dwelling in a cold region where the temperature may go really low, LEDs are the best choice.

The Safety Aspect

LEDs are much safer than traditional lighting solutions. If you have ever tried to change a traditional light bulb just after it went off, you must know how hot they were. Most of the traditional lighting systems turned 90% of their energy into heat and only 10% to light. LEDs do not produce heat and they do not emit UV rays like their traditional counterparts. This makes them a much safer alternative to other lighting solutions.

LED lights save you from skin cancer and other harmful effects of UV rays emitted by traditional lighting systems. They are also less likely to aggravate the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

The No-Flicker Aspect

LED lamps won't flicker when you switch them on. LED lights get lit instantly when switched on. The traditional lighting systems had a warm-up period of a few seconds or they flickered before being completely lit. Further, if lights were switched on and off frequently their lifespan got affected. On the other hand, LEDs have no impact on their lifespan due to frequent on-off switching. They get lit instantly and they are switched off instantly without affecting their function or longevity.

If flickering lights or their warm-up periods takes on your nerves, just switch to LED lighting and stay cool like LED bulbs.

The Dimming Capabilities

One feature that makes LED lights way different than their traditional counterparts is their capability of being dimmed. LED lighting fixtures can be connected to a special hardware called a dimmer light switch to equip them with the capability of running on lower energy. No other traditional lighting solution had this feature of allowing them to run at lesser capacity when full capacity light was not required.

You can not only save money on energy bills but can also give your home a different look with LEDs lights' dimming feature.


LEDs have many advantages over traditional lighting solutions. From being environment friendly to energy efficient, from being versatile to safer for health, LED lights are full of positive features. This is the reason they are rapidly replacing all traditional lighting systems at industrial and commercial places to even residential uses.

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