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An SSL wildcard, or positive SSL wildcard is the idea of using a single hostname for all subdomains. This is a feature that tells the web server to support more than one web site.

A Positive SSL Wildcard is a wildcard certificate that allows multiple host names and subdomains to be covered by the same certificate. For example, the host name "www.example.com" will match www.example.com and www.alice.example.com in a single certificate but not www.starfleet.example.

Is PositiveSSL trusted?

PositiveSSL is trusted. This low-cost, hassle-free cert is a great first-time SSL certificate option for blogs, personal websites and other sites that don't handle a lot of customer information.

This certificate is trusted by many websites and web applications, who have chosen to use our free SSL certificate for their websites. These certificates are easy to install, with no complicated configuration.

This certificate is trusted by many website owners and helps make sure everyone can continue to securely conduct business over the Internet. A PositiveSSL SSL certificate helps protect sensitive customer information, such as credit card data and personal information.

What is the difference between positive SSL and Essential SSL?

Positive SSL and Essential SSL are different types of security certificates that you can purchase. Positive SSL provides additional security, while Essential SSL provides protection against a possible man-in-the-middle attack. Site seal and price are the two main differences between these two certificates. Your entire digital estate can be secured by using a cheap Wildcard SSL certificate.

They are two different types of certificates. They present different challenges, but both can be obtained from a certificate authority. Positive SSL is a digital identity certificate that confirms the website's identity at the time of purchase and can be used for verification purposes only. Effective for one year after purchase, it expires on its own once that time has elapsed. On the other hand, Essential SSL is a tool that acts as an identity guarantee for your website; in other words, if you obtain this type of certificate, no third-party can steal your website data without anyone knowing it was ever compromised.

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Positive SSL and Essential SSL are two different ways to keep your website secure. Standards cover how to secure websites against hacking, phishing and other threats. Positive SSL encrypts traffic data as it travels between a client and server, so that no data can be intercepted or modified in transit. Essential SSL does the same thing but with an additional feature: decryption keys are stored on the server. This means that if someone compromises your security key, they can decrypt information that was encrypted with the help of the key.


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