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Watch Accessories: A Comprehensive Guide

29 Dec 2022, 13:14 GMT+10

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 Any watch enthusiast knows that watch collecting is not just acquiring lots of timepieces. But it is also about the research, the countless hours of cleaning, curating, and displaying your collection for the world to see. Watches, in essence, are accessories. But that doesn't mean the serious watch collector cannot accessorize their collection in any way we can. Here are some ways to spruce up your collection, or some gift ideas for your ACTH-collecting friends.

Watch Cases

Let's face it. As a collector, you have more than one watch in which you take pride. You are gonna need a place to store them. There are a few considerations for you to pick your case. One is how sturdy it is and another is how good your watches look inside them. We do not want our precious watches flying around anywhere and we do not want unwanted particles entering our cases. So always keep this in consideration when picking a case that is good for you.

Watch cases should be sturdy enough to protect their contents from harm, but soft enough to provide adequate cushioning to your timepieces. That is why leather watch cases are a superb option since leather is a natural material that is both robust and pleasantly soft to the touch.

The casing on the other hand should be sturdy enough to protect its contents yet lightweight for its ease of handling. Aluminum and carbon fiber materials are a way to go here due to their strength in proportion to how heavy it is.

Watch Stands

 For the artistic watch enthusiasts out there. Watch stands are a great accessory to have. It provides easy access to your favorite watches when putting them on in the morning or taking them off after a long day of work. Watch stands not only save you time and effort every day, it's also a stylish way to showcase your watches to people in an artful manner. And therefore becoming part of your home decor.

Watch Travel Cases

As a rule of thumb, all good things come in threes. Therefore while traveling. It's intuitive to bring at least 3 watches when you travel. A watch for every occasion. A watch travel case is essential here. A watch travel case that accommodates three or more timepieces that easily fit in your luggage with little to no damage occurring on your precious watches. In terms of material, we recommend a semi-rigid case made of leather that provides protection from the stresses of travel and at the same time provides enough buffer and flexibility to accommodate external pressures.


Whether leather or metal straps, maintaining the integrity of the material that holds your timepieces is very important. Generally, leather straps are most likely worn on casual days while metal straps are more likely seen on dress watches. Extra straps are essential for any serious watch collectors out there. Luckily, a classic or luxury timepiece like the Seiko watch is here to provide us with high-quality accessories for all our needs.

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Luther Abrams is quite a jack-of-all-trades type of guy. He loves exploring new things and cultivating his knowledge every now and then. Today, he grows more and more interested in jewelry and watches and even writes about such things in his free time.

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