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Solutions for Photovoltaic Solar Carport Mounting

29 Dec 2022, 18:35 GMT+10

The usage of solar carport products as a component of a utility or commercial project has become more common among solar integrators in recent years as a result of the growing popularity of carports in the renewable energy sector.

Our technically proficient staff has vast expertise in the creation of effective solar carport systems that shield the cars parked below from direct sunshine, rain, hail, and other elements in addition to producing power.

Photovoltaic solar carport mounting systems are a versatile and economical solution to install solar panels without taking up more room since they are solar panels put over parking lots.

By customizing one of our pre-made solar carport kinds, we may make your project simpler. Alternatively, we can provide a design service to develop a custom solution for your next renewable energy project.

How is a solar-powered carport built?

Comparing solar carports to other traditional photovoltaic systems, there are a lot of benefits and purposes to consider. The primary distinction is that because solar carports are erected in parking lots or courtyards, you don't require a roof.

As they share similar objectives, such as restricting parking places while simultaneously covering the cars, solar carports are built similarly to regular carports.

Solar carports, on the other hand, include photovoltaic panels on the surface that enable them to store and transform solar energy into power. After that, a link to the neighboring structures will allow our clients to access the energy.

Reduce your need for the grid and energy costs by making use of surfaces where no other constructions can be built.

Solar carport fastening solutions for all uses

Our Photovoltaic solar carport mounting systems solutions combine quality, affordability, and environmental friendliness to provide energy-efficient carport solutions. You may provide your clients the option to become less reliant on changes in power prices by using one of our three solar carport mounting options.

We put a lot of effort into designing our solar carport mounting solutions with strength, material optimization, and easy installation in mind. All components of our three distinct solar carport systems, as well as our photovoltaic mounting solutions, come with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty from us. High material quality and faultless processing are priorities for us when making our fastening systems.

A video on the solar-powered carport system

Mibet Solar Carport Systems Specifications

An affordable ground mounting device that accomplishes three jobs simultaneously is the Mibet Solar Carport. It provides solar radiation protection, transforms solar energy into electricity, and pays for power cost reductions relatively rapidly.

The attributes consist of:

For your solar carport projects, we provide specialized solutions. We can help you set up the ideal solar carports for your requirements, whether you need one parking spot or hundreds.

The system's anodized aluminum framework has anti-corrosive qualities and gives it an architectural appearance. The revolutionary design combines strong wind resistance and excellent waterproofness at a cost-effective price, making it a viable option for even the worst climatic situations, including coastal building sites.

The solar carport's waterproof construction is a patented waterproof solution, as would be anticipated from a high-end item, and it has a universal design that can accommodate any photovoltaic modules.

We concentrate on finding solutions.

With Mibet's assistance, begin your move to renewable energy sources.

To help you get started on your journey to sustainability, Mibet Solar System provides turnkey solutions that go from design to implementation. We'll take care of everything else; all you need is a parking area that can be transformed into a solar carport.

Since we can execute photovoltaic projects in a variety of methods, we can guarantee that practically any parking spot can turn into a source of renewable energy. Our carports' modular construction makes it possible to erect them in any arrangement and then join them together in a way that best suits the needs of vast parking lots.

Reasons to choose Mibet Solar mounting systems

With more than 10 years of expertise as a world authority in solar system solutions, Mibet continues to set the standard for mounting system structural strength and longevity. Our products have received certifications from AS/NZS1170, TUV, MCS, UL, and SGS.

A full solution for all of your needs for a photovoltaic solar installation system for carports is also provided by Mibet Solar System. without sacrificing the original solar roof system's robustness and weather resilience. Our engineers adjust the project to meet your structural, aesthetic, financial, and other needs. The solutions are tested for viability in practice using 3D modeling tools.

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