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A Complete guide To African Clothing For Women

14 Jan 2023, 13:31 GMT+10

We are living in an age of diverse fashion choices. Fashion is a trillion-dollar industry, and there is always something new coming every season. Fashion not only reflects your self-expression but also showcases a sense of autonomy for one's individual choices. It is also something that is occasion bound.

Only some pieces of clothing are suitable at some places. That is why we have bifurcations like casual, black-tie, casual chic, and so much more. Trending fashionable pieces are not created to reflect the current style but can also be influenced by the gone era. For instance, the 90s have made a huge comeback since 2010. The hairstyles, clothing and footwear have been influenced by the spirit of that age, and have been created to reflect the modern ways.

Trending fashionable pieces are defined by a specific aesthetic expression and visual extremes. Initially, fashion was restricted and defined by traditional fashion houses and their collections. But with the passage of time, fashion became more individualized and diverse. Clothing has become a testament to one's cultural movements, social markers, and personal history.

With dresses like haute couture, there is a beautiful amalgamation of art and culture. Although it is limited to the economic elite, the visuals bring every person with a heart for art closer together. Clothing, in a way, has become an expression of personal art too.  Minimalism is in all spheres of fashion, be it clothing, footwear, makeup, or jewelry. With so much information out there, it can get pretty overwhelming for the public. So here's your complete guide to African clothing for women!

1.  Business Attire

Trending African clothing for women

In today's time, business attire has become more complicated than ever. It is important to strike the right balance between style and professionalism. From pantsuits to skirts, there is a wide assortment of options to choose from. There's a need to look impeccable to get the job done, and first impressions matter a lot. You can also go for business dresses as long as the silhouette is flattering and not super clingy and leans toward business-appropriate prints and colors.

Experts advise against confusing formal business attire with business casual. The former African clothing tends to be more sophisticated and is advised to people with a more traditional office culture. You can wear this to specific professional events like presentations and meetings.

Another thing to keep in mind is cocktail business attire. This is a much dressier version out of all the others. Flounced sleeves, a jeweled neckline, and a unique pattern, is the best business-appropriate look. Simply Stunning Jacket Dress with flattering lines and simple silhouette can be the prime example of chic business attire. The scoop neckline and princess seams make it appear dressy enough to slip into evening attire but formal enough to still be business appropriate. You can finish the look with pumps! This style of African clothing can also be accessorized with minimal jewelry and structured black handbags. It is highly recommended that you tailor your look to match your job and the office culture.

2.  Casual Wear

Casual, comfortable African clothing online

 Laid back African clothing is a must-have in your wardrobe. Whether you have a casual Friday or a fun hangout with your friends, a laid-back style is a right answer. Casual African clothing involves cardigans, jeans, tee shirts, summery dresses, and even caftans. Although, caftan is a very versatile garment that can be mixed in with your formal events as well. Night Lily Print Microfiber Short Caftan is suitable for a laid-back hostess vibe or just something for a chill day at the pool. Casual African clothing is supposed to be relaxed and comfortable.

This idea gets translated into the silhouette of casual wear. For instance, dresses and skirts with a loose-fitted form the majority of casual wear. This rule can be applied to caftans as well. Their design is so sleek and elegant that there is nothing but leisure in the kind of comfort it provides. Although that is not true for all the clothing within this category, the idea of having a much more relaxed African clothing gets reflected in every piece within this category. You can pair casual wear with sneakers, ballerinas, or open-toe flats.

3.   Church Wear

Choose the right church wear online

This category can be often confused with business attire. While church wear is a part of formal wear, it is not simply just restricted to it. Church wear is all about being appropriate with a hint of style and flair. The idea is to be opulent, and luxurious but not be in the face of it. The church is a place for faith and old-age traditions; hence, the African clothing should reflect the same. One would wear Sunday's finest African clothing to the church.

The clothing should be neat, subtle, and prescribed to the tenets of the formal event. It doesn't mean it has to be old-fashioned, but it does imply that your business formal or casual clothing will fail to hit the bull's eye.

Church wear is supposed to be comfortable and relaxing, but at the same time, it should have a dash of color and impeccable styling to it. Classic Chic Suit with fabulous silhouette and fine details is a classic example of church wear. It brings fashion and faith together and can be easily worn to after-church brunch with the ladies. You can accessorize it with kitten heels or pumps with attention to one statement piece. Hats are a fabulous headpiece to incorporate in African clothing. They give a certain regal opulence to the whole church look.


With the advent of social media and increased access to fashion, any individual can style their clothing according to one's preference. This gives rise to various clothing pieces and their individualized take on them. This makes clothing a space wherein people can showcase their unique styling and tastes. Fashion is a force of its own, and each age reflects a pendulum swing from one extreme excess to plain style. After the low-rise jeans, spikes, and glitter of the 90s, we are steadily moving towards a more minimalistic perception of clothing. The rise of no-makeup looks and minimalistic jewelry is a testament to changing times.

If you are looking for a clothing brand that offers all the above-mentioned African clothing, you can visit Especially Yours. The brand offers a wide range of suit dresses, church dresses, and casual wear, all on a single website! Wearing the right piece of African clothing at any event is absolutely necessary.


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