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5 Tips For Sharpening Your Mind

17 Jan 2023, 13:50 GMT+10


Keeping your mind sharp is important at any age but as we get older, it becomes more difficult. Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to sharpen your mind and ensure your brain always works on top form. If you want to keep your mind sharp as you age, there's no time like the present for making a habit of brain activities.

Here are some you can try.


Meditation is a great opportunity for your mind to rest and for you to process your thoughts. One of the aims is to give your thoughts the space they need to resolve themselves, rather than those thoughts causing unnecessary stress to your mind and body. Taking time to focus on just being in the moment and calming your mind makes room for fresh perspectives that help you to find answers.


Puzzles and crosswords are an excellent way to keep your brain active and engage it in problem solving. Allowing your brain to figure out puzzles and access parts of your memory that allow you to complete the puzzles is one of the best ways for sharpening your mind. You don't need to learn any new skills to complete a puzzle.

All you need to do to complete a puzzle is practice.


All types of reading are beneficial for sharpening your mind. Reading allows you to learn and retain new information that stretches your mind. Reading books before you go to sleep at night is an ideal way to retain information.

However, keeping up with local and world news on sites like The Kenya Times will also help to engage your brain. Whether you're reading the back of a cereal box or an encyclopedia, your brain will be suitably exercised.

Stay Active

Your brain needs blood flow to function properly. Staying active is the best way to encourage good blood and oxygen flow around your body. It can also help to clear your mind enough that you can concentrate and focus on what you need to.

Just a simple twenty minute walk is all that's needed to get blood flowing around your body. There are tons of ways to stay active to help your brain. From cycling to yoga, dancing to swimming, and everything in between.

Cut Out Bad Habits

Bad habits like drinking too much alcohol and smoking can have a direct effect on how your brain works. Drinking and smoking are both bad for your general health and your brain health is no exception. Quitting these bad habits can help you to restore good brain health and sharpen your mind for the future.

When you quit these habits, you may not notice an instant change. However, many people say that their minds feel clearer when they reach the three month detox point. If this is something you're interested in doing, it's wise to seek medical advice before you begin.

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