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The wealthiest people in Spain in 2022

25 Jan 2023, 11:56 GMT+10

Achieving success is not an easy thing to do. Generating a great fortune and carrying the best reputation means a lot of work, effort, and perseverance. People are intelligent beings, and as such, they have the ability to generate and create successful businesses out of nothing.

Spain is a rich country in which the most extraordinary fortune is amassed by only a few families who have managed to reach the top of the economic status, either because they founded a company, because they have bought shares in some of the largest enterprises or because they have inherited a family business that they took to the top.

Be that as it may, the rich are getting more prosperous and numerous in Spain. This puts the country on the map, giving it an image of power and wealth worldwide. Thus, Spain gains immense popularity among the world's richest people; moreover, Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world, so most people with higher economic status tend to speak it as a second language (if you want to know more about how to learn Spanish you can click here).

This is why Spain is also among foreigners' most chosen places to learn Spanish. Those who can travel to study are quick to take spanish courses barcelona, Madrid, or any other important city in the country. And it is not surprising, since Spain has imposed itself over other Spanish-speaking countries in economic terms.

In the ranking of the richest people in the world, there are several Spaniards, and in this article, we will highlight them. We will mention those Spaniards who have generated the most excellent fortune during 2022. Because no matter where in the world you live, society is ruled by money, and those who manage large fortunes are recognized worldwide.

Let's see then who are the richest people in Spain

1 - Ortega Amancio

As in previous years, Amancio remains the wealthiest person in Spain. His estimated wealth for 2022 is 53.5 billion euros (according to Forbes magazine).

Ortega is the founder of Inditex, today, the majority shareholder. Although he remains another year at the top of the list of the richest people in Spain, he has dropped position in the ranking of the richest people in the world, moving to the 23rd position. This is due to the fall suffered by Inditex in the stock market world.

Ortega has also made his fortune by expanding his investments with Pontegadea. There he manages his shares and invests in immovables that he uses for rent around the world, mainly in Spain but also in the UK and the United States.

Pontegadea is worth 8,830 million euros, as the group also invests in major companies like Red Electrica and Enegas.

2 - Ortega Mera Sandra

Amancio Ortega's daughter ranks number two on the list of the richest people in Spain. Her fortune is valued at 5,400 million euros. As can be imagined, Sandra's wealth comes mainly from Inditex, the company's second-largest shareholder. However, she also (like Amancio) diversifies her assets via the holding company Rosp Corunna; a company that controls her share of Inditex and participates in other highly listed enterprises such as Pharma Mar (of which she owns 5%).

3 - Del Pino and Calvo-Sotelo Rafael

His fortune is valued at 3,800 million euros. This is the president of Ferrovial, a company founded and built by his father in 1952. He was CEO of Ferrovial from 1992 to 1999 and then became the company's chairman and largest shareholder. He is also part of a holding company called Rijn Capital. There he invests in different areas of the market and other companies.

According to the best economic analysts, Ferrovial will increase its revenues by 12% in the coming years. The group has already built over 170 metro stations in the city of Madrid and other countries such as Sydney, Lisbon, and Santiago de Chile.

4 - Roig Alfonso Juan

His fortune is valued at 3,400 million euros. He is the biggest shareholder and executive chairman of Mercadona, a supermarket group. Mercadona has grown a lot this year, reaching a share of 26% (data published by Kantar consulting company). When it comes to distribution, it has managed to overtake Inditex. In addition, Mercadona is one of the most profitable retail brands, valued at 2,195 million.

5 - Escotet Juan Carlos

His fortune is valued at 3.2 billion euros. He is the chairman of Abanca and also the main shareholder. But not only that, but he is also the president and principal shareholder of the Banesco Group. Abanca and Banesco have more than 6.9 million customers and 11 thousand employees, with a net worth of 5,817 million euros and a turnover of 124 billion euros.

Escotet is also a majority shareholder of Real Club Deportivo de La Coruna and a significant shareholder of Nueva Pescanova.

6 - Mate Daniel

His fortune is valued at 3,100 million euros. He is one of the most critical shareholders (the third) of the multinational mining Glencore. After a couple of years of falling in the stock market, Glencore recovered, and its share price exceeded the value of its beginnings, in 2011, in the stock market.

7 - Abello Juan

His fortune is worth 2,800 million euros. He is the founder of Torreal, a family investment enterprise. His assets are diversified in different parts of the world and sectors, such as education, health, aerostructures, sports infrastructure, and technology.

8 - Fluxa Rosello Miguel

He is the prominent shareholder and executive president of the Iberostar company, the biggest hotel group in Spain with hotels worldwide. Its fortune is valued at 2.7 billion euros. In addition, the group managed to position itself as a leader in the renewable energy transition.

9 - Koplowitz Alicia

Her fortune is valued at 2.4 billion euros. She is the owner and president of Omega Capital; she also contributes to the country, being a significant investor in Spain. She achieved her fortune by selling (in 1998) 29% of FCC for 799 million.

10 - Del Pino and Calvo -Sotelo Maria

Her fortune is worth 2,300 million euros. She is the second shareholder of Ferrovial and the person in charge of the Rafael del Pino Foundation, which was constituted to honor her father.

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