Tue, 05 Dec 2023

Times are gone when Podcasts were limited to audio formats only. Unlike in the past, you can now package them in different forms to reach more audiences in other digital audio or visual playback devices. The need for creating a visually captivating podcast is on the rise, calling for creativity, professionalism, and consistency in production and packaging by content creators. The following are the reasons why your podcast is getting few views.

Poor SEO

Podcasts need to be easily discoverable by the audience to get views. You can achieve this by having the correct titles, keywords, and description that matches or closely relates to the content discussed. Poor Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means that the intended audience may not discover your podcast, leading to fewer views. Be sure to caption your podcasts correctly so that they can rank higher in the search results.

Lack of Professional Editing

Podcasts need to be enticing to listen to and watch. Packaging is a crucial element to the listeners. You can pack podcasts as audio to play on MP3 players or stereos for people to listen to while on the go. At the same time, it's possible to attach scrolling images and animations to audio podcasts, enabling them to fit in platforms like YouTube to play as a video.

As a content creator, you may lack the skills or not have enough time to perform some of the video and audio edits needed on your podcast. Professional podcast video editing assistance from companies like BeCreatives has you covered if this is your case. They have accredited and highly talented video and audio editors ready to make your idea a reality. Reach out and hire a dedicated podcast video editor for your business.


Consistency is vital to podcasts. Viewers need to know which and when the next video will be released. Failure to communicate this essential information will leave viewers and listeners disappointed and uninterested if the podcasts are published randomly. You need to plan, create time, and have enough rest before the next podcast. In case of an altered schedule, you should alert your audience of the new publishing dates.

Poor Video Quality

Quality is a significant concern when podcasting since it is a major determinant of whether listeners will listen or watch to the end, return, or recommend their friends. If you are recording in a room with background noises, echo, distorted voice, poor microphone, or inconsistent pitch, your podcast will likely repel listeners away and get fewer views. A podcast video editing professional can assist you with voice and video quality control for captivating videos.

Inadequate Promotion

It takes time for podcasts to gain views, which is typical for new content creators in the industry. However, you can shorten this time by promoting or sponsoring your podcast on social media and having a blog or a website where the audience can learn more about your content. Second, being listed in directories (for example, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts), requesting guests to promote your podcast on their social media pages, and reaching out to influencers can help your content to become more reachable.

Lack of a Show Structure

A well-structured show can keep listeners engaged and make it easier for them to follow. This aspect helps the audience to know what they can expect. If you have a random structure, viewers might not return to your podcasts since they are still determining what to expect. Always have your audience expect a norm of content from you. A good show structure may include the following:

  • An introduction
  • Segments (interviews and discussions)
  • Transitions
  • An outro that can consist of a podcast summary


There are several reasons why a podcast may get few views: poor audio and video quality, lack of consistency, inadequate promotion, and lack of a structured show. It's essential to focus on improving the audio and video quality, sticking to a consistent schedule, promoting the podcast effectively, and having a structured show that is easy for listeners to follow. Adhering to these tips will help you overcome those issues.

Additionally, engaging with your audience, experimenting with different promotion techniques, and reaching out to other podcasters for tips and advice can be helpful. Consider getting assistance from professional podcast video editors during your startup to create the best first impression.

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