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Caring for Animals for More Than a Century

27 Mar 2023, 15:26 GMT+10

Animals of all kinds share the planet with human beings. People have a responsibility to allow them to survive and thrive. Many animals have been domesticated over the centuries. These species can help you work or are beloved companions. Domestic animals require care from their human hosts.

Mistreating or neglecting your animals is cruel and should never be tolerated. Especially when they are abandoned or born on the street, animals need the help of people. Fortunately, there are several organizations dedicated to caring for, finding homes for, and educating people about the proper treatment of creatures.


One of the oldest and best animal organizations is the Humane Society of New York. The good people of the society have been on the job since 1904. That's more than 100 years of looking out for the humane treatment of animals.

The Society was originally founded to ensure that the working horses of the city got food, water, good shoes, blankets, and the care and treatment they needed. Today, HSNY provides medical care for pets whose owners have low incomes and oversees the adoption of the many stray dogs and cats in New York.

The HSNY Animal Clinic

Healthcare clinics exist for people with inadequate health insurance who can't afford to see doctors. They provide a valuable and much-needed service. The HSNY does the same for pets.

There are many people who love their cats, dogs, and other pets but cannot afford to take them to a veterinarian for treatments or checkups. This is a sad fact but the Humane Society does something about it.

The animal clinic is open seven days per week and takes patients by appointment. Thanks to the donations of animal lovers, pet care is provided at a significantly lower cost than at a private vet. Some of the services provided by the HSNY animal clinic include:

  • Blood tests
  • Wellness exams
  • X-rays
  • Ultrasound
  • Inoculations
  • Spaying and neutering
  • Geriatric care

Should a vet at the clinic discover that an animal requires surgery, basic orthopedic and comprehensive soft tissue treatment can be provided for the treatment of the pet.

The HSNY Adoption Center

The Humane Society of New York also runs the Vladimir Horowitz and Wanda Toscanini Horowitz Adoption Center. Named for the great pianist and his wife, the adoption center is a registered shelter with the City of New York and provides care for dogs and cats. Petting looking for pets can look at photos and profiles online and make appointments to see the pets. When one of the furry creatures melts a visitor's heart, they can adopt the animal and take them to their new, happy home.

Advocating for Animal Rights

HSNY also spearheads the fight for animal rights by raising money and awareness to help legislations pass new laws to prevent cruelty toward animals and see that they are properly cared for. The Society has worked tirelessly to help enact city, state, and federal laws that protect animal rights. Some of the current problems HSNY is working on are:

  • Slaughter of horses - Horses are no longer slaughtered in the U.S. but hundreds of older equines are sent to Mexico each year where they are destroyed. HSNY sponsors a bill to stop this practice.
  • Wildlife Killing Contests - Throughout the State of New York these competitions involve shooting and killing all kinds of wildlife merely for sport. HSNY is working to have them outlawed.
  • Live Animal Markets - These markets house live animals in terrible conditions and slaughter them brutally to sell as food.  HSNY supports legislature to prevent this cruelty.
  • Canned Hunts - Another unspeakably cruel act HSNY is working to ban is canned hunts. These are hunting expeditions in which animals are trapped by barriers within a specific area. With no way to escape, they are easy prey for cruel hunters.

Animals have a right to live and enjoy their lives. Cruelty and poor treatment are realities but thanks to the work of the Humane Society of New York, steps are being taken to protect animals of all kinds.


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