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What your watch dial colour says about you

21 Apr 2023, 03:58 GMT+10

It's a hard decision to make when picking the right watch dial colour. From trying to be on trend and making sure that it'll still be evergreen 10 years from now, to matching it to your character, find out how you can express yourself and let your personality shine through your watch dial colour. Watch shopping doesn't always have to be serious, let's inject some fun and excitement, and perhaps a little bit of self-discovery as you explore what colour suits you best!

Black dial watches

Suitable for both men and women, don't let black fool you into thinking that it's the easy go-to and boring. Those who pick black tend to have a higher level of creativity. Those who love artistic freedom, whether it's their love for theatre, their work in creative content such as writing or filming, perhaps a lifelong hobby in art collection, a passion for lush interior designs or even grunge looking street art, black allows the artist in you to express your sensitive side. It can be seen as slick and modern, especially if the watch has a cutting edge technology. Black also casts the wearers into a mysterious shadow, suitable for those who are quiet but confident, like a dark horse.

White dial watches

Simple and unassuming, there's nothing common about the white dial watch. It says a lot about you as a person; one who dives head on into work, has strong determination and thrives in different environments. It's the colour of purity and goodness, and a good choice for ladies. It's also a good option if you're planning to wear it for a special occasion like a wedding, or a baby shower. A pearl coloured watch dial, like the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date with its white mother of pearl dial, is a perfect gift for your mother or the important woman in your life. Depending on its origin, it can be pink, white, black or yellow as the colour differs according to the part of the shell from which it is extracted. The original hues are what makes it unusual, as the mother-of-pearl is never artificially coloured. The mother-of-pearl dials are unique pieces, and you will never find an identical dial on another wrist. For those whose work involves science and sustainability, a white watch will project the values that you believe in, just like your white lab coat.

Green dial watches

Green is very much becoming a popular colour. People who are drawn to nature, love for life and adventure, will lean towards green dial watches. If you find peace and stillness in the outdoors, you will appreciate having a piece of the world on your wrist. It also shows that as a person, you're loyal and once you've made a friend, you'll be with them through thick and thin. Green comes in various shades, so if you pick a rather bright luminous green, it could also indicate that you're all of those things, but you're not one to take life too seriously either.

 Blue dial watches

A rather unique colour for both men and women, blue dial watches look fabulous for those who strive for peace, tranquillity and cleanliness. People who are into water sports, meditation, yoga or just simply love being out underneath open skies, will love this popular colour. Blue embodies power, from the force of strong currents to the gentle breeze from the sea, the colour that makes this emotional makeup can also translate into your calm, streadfast demeanor. It is a good variation from black; while black allows you to be the power figure in the boardroom, blue exudes a quiet, reliable leader in you.

 Brown dial watches

Brown is associated with the ground we stand on, hence people drawn to brown dial watches are sensible, down-to-earth and an all-round well-loved person. They can be idealistic with practical views. They're not fluffy or fickle, but are seen as solid, stout figures. An entrepreneur who started off with nothing to their name but now has a successful business, one who volunteers with charitable organisations, or a person who believes in turning dreams into reality, the understated brown dial watch will suit your personality.

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