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How Much Will Move from Toronto to Calgary Cost?

02 Oct 2023, 12:31 GMT+10

Do you plan to move house from Toronto to Calgary? The driving distance between the two cities is about 3,400 km, and the whole thing may turn into a tough undertaking and cost you a pretty sum of money. You may wonder how much exactly. Follow this guide to know the main factors that influence the final cost of Toronto-to-Calgary moving.

Cost to Move from Toronto to Calgary

Long-distance moves across Canada involve one and the same procedure: you pack your house, transfer it to a new location, and unpack it there. The process may seem simple, but you may not take all the aspects that affect the cost into account:

  • duration of the move;
  • the house type & size;
  • the number of movers;
  • extra expenses (packing, extra fuel, storage, etc.)

There are other factors you should also bear in mind. The total cost of your move may range from $4,200 to $6,000.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Move

Since we're moving from Toronto to Calgary, our hired mover company will need about 34 hours to cover the distance. Yet, that's not all, and we have to consider the following aspects:


A standard move requires two or three movers. If such a number of workers can cope with your amount of work, expect to pay a standard price of $135-$150 an hour. If more hands are needed, you'll need to pay about $35-$50 per hour for every extra mover.

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Apartment Size

Moving a one- or two-bedroom apartment from Toronto to Calgary may cost you about $4,200-$4,800. If you need to transfer a house of a bigger size, be ready to pay at least $5,000, depending on the number of movers necessary to perform the task.


The cost of packing services depends on the volume of things, as well as on their type. There's an obvious difference between packing small items and furniture, for example. A team of professional packers will cost you from $600 to $900, depending on the complexity of the job.

Extra Fuel

Most movers use a flat rate system when they charge an extra payment for fuel overrun. However, in the case of long-distance moves like the Toronto-to-Calgary one, expect to pay a fuel surcharge in the form of a certain percentage of the total price. It is initially fixed in the agreement, or you can see it in the automated calculation form on your mover's website.


One more possible source of extra cost is the storage service. You'll need it in case you have to move right now, and your new house or apartment won't be ready for unpacking at once. You'll need to store your things for a certain time then. Your mover may offer storage services together with its other services.

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However, not every mover in Toronto will offer to store your house in another place in the country. So, you have to arrange this part of the affair beforehand. Expect a variety of prices. They may be charged differently. Thus, many storage facilities charge about $1.75-$1.90 per square foot. Others have a fixed hourly or daily price. So, you should know for sure who exactly will store your items, and how much it will cost.

Seasonal Aspects & Other Time Factors

Another thing to bear in mind is the exact time you wish to move house. If it coincides with holidays or weekends, expect to pay more. Roughly, your moving company may request an extra payment of about $10 for every mover engaged.

Most people plan to move in the first or last days of the month. So, if you wish to carry out the whole thing in the same period of time, your rate may increase by around $100. Pay attention that Canadian moving companies charge a so-called 'travel time fee.' Its size depends on the time your hired movers need to get to your house.

Moving Yourself or Engage Professionals?

Surely, if you are ready to move house with your own hands, you may save a lot of money. Yet, things may turn out in unexpected ways. You should provide for every eventuality, which is possible only if you have a certain experience in moving. This is especially true for a long transfer from Toronto to Calgary. Practice shows that you may spend even much more than when ordering moving services from professional movers.

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With the help of expert movers and packers, your move from Toronto to Calgary may cost you around $6,000. Once you have paid, you can forget about possible difficulties. Professionals will undertake them instead.

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