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What Makes a Garage Door More Expensive?

Garage doors come in multiple variations within different price segments. Some models appear quite affordable, while others are offered with a price tag. However, only several factors come into play when setting the price for a specific garage door.

Quality and Durability

The basic aspect impacting the price of a garage door is the material it is made of, as it determines the quality and durability of the door. The most broadly used materials manufacturers use to craft garage doors are steel, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass, each with its own set of perks. For instance, fiberglass variants are the most costly, as they stand out for being the most robust and durable. They are priced between $1,000 and $2,000 in Canada but are lightweight, hardly rust, and require less maintenance.

Meanwhile, wooden doors may claim a higher price thanks to their natural beauty, great customizability level, and craftsmanship. They look amazing but don't last as long as steel doors. On average, a wooden door can serve 15 to 30 years.

Steel and aluminum are cost-effective materials used for building garage doors, for garage door repair and replacement. Steel is highly durable but more challenging to handle than aluminum doors. They are easier to use with no sagging threat. And despite the inexpensive price, aluminum doors are pretty resistant to rust and corrosion.

And finally, the cheapest material for garage doors is vinyl (a beautiful wood-like solution). It's a decent option only if your budget is too tight, as, although vinyl garage doors are lightweight and don't need much maintenance, they crack in winter and warp in summer.

Design and Style

The visual appeal of any house item, including the garage door, greatly impacts the price. Such customization options as the decorative hardware, the door's finish, details, etc., can significantly raise the price. Conversely, they will augment the house's overall curb appeal and increase its value. Accordingly, if you are considering buying an exquisite garage door that matches your home with its architectural style, be ready to pay a higher price.

Anyway, take into account that custom doors can't be made of any material you wish. For instance, you can't choose a design with fiberglass options as this material is not used for custom-made projects.


If the garage door provides a decent insulation level, expect benefits like energy efficiency, temperature regulation, and reduced noise transmission. Also, you will have a more comfortable and appealing environment both in the garage and the adjacent living spaces. Another perk of an insulated garage door is the noise block.

Obviously, such benefits don't come at no cost. Given the extra materials and manufacturing processes involved in crafting, doors with enhanced insulation usually come at a higher price.

Size and Configuration

Depending on your garage's size and design, you may need a standard-size door or a custom-made one. The latter will cost more, whereas standard variations are pretty affordable. Similarly, the number of windows, panels, and any other special features you want to add to the door (including unique opening mechanisms like belts and chains) affect its price. For instance, if you need a door for a two-car residential garage, you need a more powerful opener than a smaller one. This will cost you much, too. Meanwhile, only the most robust door openers can handle the high load required if you have set up a commercial garage.

The Brand

Undoubtedly, reputable brands with large markets require higher production prices than less known brands. Such high prices are conditioned by their commitment to quality and long-term warranties. Besides, trusting brands offer insurance regarding the reliability of their garage doors.


And finally, regardless of the type of garage door you have purchased, its installation will cost you a deal. On average, installing a new door will add up to anywhere between $200 and $500, depending on the job's specifics. So that the door you have chosen pays off with its insulation and long service, expert installation is a must.

Final Words

So, when you are in the market choosing your future garage door, it's crucial to understand how the introduced factors contribute to the price of the door. Consider your budget and specific needs per the garage size and design. Investing in a more durable and well-crafted garage door will enhance the curb appeal of the home or business, add security and convenience, and raise the property's overall value.

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